Hey, I am Helen Kithinji

A success coach, author and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping you create a limitless life.

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Helen Kithinji is a highly sought after Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and a 2 Times Author of one of the most powerful personal development books “Profiles on Success” and “Limitless Success,” which she has co-authored with select global Best-Selling authors.

Her Success Stories have been featured in local and global publications and seen on international media such as Fox News, CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC, Voyager and Business Daily.

The founder and CEO of Sparkplug Life Hub, Helen has developed Programs and Workshops that have transformed the lives of countless people and empowered them to live happier more fulfilling lives. She is also the host of The Ladies Chatroom, that provides a platform to empower women.

10000 Speaking Hours
90 Countries
347 Power Sessions
9 Publications


  • During my school holidays I did casual jobs to raise money for utilities and gain work experience.
  • After completing my university education, my first job was a sales representative in a small insurance agency.
  • I worked in 2 other low paying jobs unrelated to my training and interest to survive in the city as I searched for a well paying job.
  • I landed a dream job in the banking industry 3 years after completing University Studies.
  • I built a very successful career in banking for 15 years, growing to Executive Management and exited to become an entrepreneur at the age of 39.
  • The first business that I started failed after 8 months of operations.
  • I kept an open mind after failure of this business, pushing through the pressure to go back to employment.
  • My second business, a brand management agency grew to become one of the leading agencies in Kenya, serving clients in the banking, ICT, hospitality industries and the community development sectors.


Success, for most people, represents the fulfillment of certain predetermined aspirations. For some, it’s achieving a certain lifestyle, a level of status, or a comfortable income.

While all of these are worthy goals, their accomplishment leaves many who achieve them wondering “what’s next?” Limitless Success inspires you to reach this rare frontier where you realize that true success is so much more than merely passing a certain milestone or reaching a single fixed goal. Limitless Success is about living a life of not only profit but also of passion, purpose, and impact. Living at this rarefied altitude delivers life experiences that can only be described in one word. Meaningful.

Peer into the hearts of these purpose-driven leaders who have
lost, survived, and ultimately learned how to THRIVE!

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