Believe it and you shall achieve it

Close your eyes, envision your life today. Are you happy with the life you are living, are you where you want to be. If it is, that is beautiful. If it is not, it is never too late, you can start afresh and become the best version of yourself as a woman. You can live a life you have always dreamt of, have successful career/business, marriage, become an excellent mother and wife, and make meaningful friends.

But to achieve any of these, or whatever your goals are; you must create a belief system.

How you do that, you may ask?

Dinah Madise, A mother,  Ex-TV Personality, Entrepreneur and Women Influencer based in Johannesburg-South Africa getting candid through her story tells us how to become successful, fulfilled and happy women. She mentions factors that create the belief system.

Environment: Madise lost her parents at a young age and started living with her grandparents. She says life was tough, they were just leaving in a survival mode. But as a child, she believed there was more to life than the life she was living. Though she was brought up in a good family that instilled Christian values into her and is grateful for, she knew she had to do something.

“I looked at the situation and knew I had to make things better,” she told women during the Ladies Chart Room, an online platform that brings together women of influence from across the world.

In her early career days, she was working in the TV industry and in this industry, looking splendid is everything.

“I loved my awesome high heel shoes, I looked good on the outside, but inside, there was nothing to show for it. It was a perfect story of poverty in heels,” she recalls

That is when she decided to venture into business and has been successful and is living the life she has always dreamt of. But this happened because she believed she deserved better and also believed in herself.

Madise says influence equals belief, adding that wherever you are is because of what you believe.

“Belief runs our entire life. Think about the kind of woman you would want to become, believe in it and work towards that for which you believe in and you will become,” she states.

People in your life: Who are the people in your life, are they building you or derailing your progress. You may not choose who your family members are, but you can surely choose who your friends are. Choose and hang out with people who are pulling your life in the right direction. Be wise, choose wise friends. If you have friends in your cycle who are not building you, it is okay to let them go.

Information: As a woman, you must invest in acquiring knowledge and information. Read books, magazines, or any source of information on different topics such as entrepreneurship, parenting, saving, health and wellbeing and any other topics of your choice. The more you read, the one you become more knowledgeable and your life will improve greatly.

Life experiences: Madise says as human beings, we all go through different experiences in life, some are good while others are bad. Regardless of the mistakes you have made in life, do not let them define you. Become aware of behavior patterns, if you want to influence the world around you. For instance, what are you speaking to yourself whether quietly or loudly? Avoid negative thoughts because they breed negativity in your life. Cultivate positivity in your life. The more excited you are, the more you attract energetic people into your life.

“Be a change you want to see in the world,” She says

Convince yourself to who you want to be. Buy into yourself and everyone else will buy into you. Tell yourself things like; I am beautiful, awesome, amazing, the best. You are the CEO of your life, make it count.

7 successful steps to change

Madise has also given seven steps that can help women change and become the best versions of themselves. However, these steps can only work if one is willing to take action towards the desired change.

  1. Write down goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We all have goals or at least should have goals that we strive to attain in life. Some are short term, medium term or long term. Writing and following these goals religiously will help in achieving results.
  2. Right words navigate your success; Speak words of possibility, positivity, in your life and see it change.
  3. Asking right questions: Ask the right questions about every aspect of your life, it’s through asking that you discover yourself more, face your truth and make changes where necessary.
  4. Always give thanks: Personally, first thing in the morning when I wake up, I give thanks to God for being alive. Always give thanks in life, even for the smallest things. There is power in gratitude.
  5. Follow instructions: They give you clarity to create, learn, grow and become better for the world. Never become what you despise.
  6. Moments: Every pain in your life can be traced back to the moment. Some moments are good while others are a bitter pill in the mouth. Do not dwell on the bad past moments, live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
  7. Expectations: People do not get what they want because they do not believe it. Do everything with the right expectation and things will work out.

Conclusion: Invest in yourself, believe that you too can do it, give yourself permission to dream big. It is about becoming and the time is NOW