Continuous Learning is a Key to your Success

In life, you can either be ‘ripe and rotting or green and growing’. This thought provoking statement was shared to over 200 women during the Friday’s Ladies chat room session, an inspiring women empowerment platform that brings together women from all walks of life on Friday evening to share their experiences and grow.

Founder of Sparkplug Women Of Influence (SWOI), Ms.  Helen Kithinji noted that people ought to always stay on student mode and never stop learning. She accredited this as one of her secrets to personal growth and success over the years.

Well, it seems she is not the only one who holds this school of thought. America’s transformational speaker, Mr. Jack Canfield, in one of his coaching videos highlights 6 tips on how to develop a lifelong learning mindset and achieve your highest potential to achieve the life you desire. He also adds that, “all great people never stop learning.  They constantly seek every opportunity to build their knowledge and improve their skills”.

If you are wondering how to get started on this, here are some pointers for Jack on how to increase and cultivate a continuous learning culture in your life

  1. Decrease your Television time

Most of us find ourselves glued to our screens every evening catching up with our favourite programs, movies and series.  Fact of the matter is, there is very little you can learn from watching TV. Instead, read a book or in this age of internet and ease of access to information, do some research on topics of interest and so on. Enrol into online classes and up your skills in your line of profession. There is so much you can do with the free time other than scrolling with your remote and wondering ‘how time flies’.

  1. Study other successful people

Look for people who have accomplished the same goals as you want. Read their books, watch their training videos, attend their seminars etc. Most of the times, these people have gone through what you are and can easily show you to navigate the challenges.

  1. Learn how to read faster

Reading faster allows you to read and learn more in a short time. The more you Learn the more you Earn! There are resources available out there to help you read faster and training programs as well. Good examples are courses on and or simply google ‘how to read faster’.

  1. Attend many Events, Conferences and Workshops

As much as reading is important, nothing is as powerful as learning from an expert in person. There numerous events offered for all topics that you can think of. All you need is to search, book and attend. These events also give you an opportunity to interact with other attendees who may have more insights to share. In this age of internet we even have online events and workshops that you can attend from the comfort of your home, so there are no excuses!

  1. Make a conscious commitment to yourself to engage in lifelong learning

Continuous learning is a state of mind.  It’s a commitment to have an open mind, to stay curious and always stay expanding your understanding of the world.

Resist complacency. When we come into this world, we have a great sense of curiosity but as we get older we start being complacent with the knowledge we have. Never stop being curious or asking questions and never stop seeking answers to those questions. Thanks to the internet you can search for and find answers to all your questions within minutes!

  1. Be prepared

Knowledge and opportunities to learn are all around us. These any come through conversations with other people, an article in a magazine or a feature online. The more you act to opportunities around you the more opportunities will come to you.

Make a conscious decision today to commit yourself to a life of continuous learning

“Remember, the universe rewards those who take action”, Jack Canfield