Transition and Career Coaching

During uncertain times or when in transition, a Coach can help you deal with the shock or pain of loss or frustration; gain clarity on the way forward and most importantly inspire you to determine the next steps to take to move forward. Such moments include a career change, job loss, retirement and relocation.

There will also be moments of change at a personal level, where you may need to talk to a coach.

Business Coaching

Business Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs seek coaching for several reasons. They could be feeling ‘Stuck’ and can’t think of what else to do to move forward; or ready to do something different but not sure what that ‘something’ is; or looking for change, a different perspective or clarity in-order to achieve their goals. The current ever changing business environment requires business leaders to have the ability to adapt swiftly to survive. Coaching provides a platform to re-create and cope with change.

An accredited Executive Coach, Helen’s unique coaching style stimulates creativity, creates focus and clarity; getting her clients to build their confidence and determination to pursue and achieve their seemingly unachievable goals.

Network Marketing

Helen has built a very successful Network Marketing business, working with the largest direct selling travel company in the world. Her organisation produces millions of dollars in annual sales. She has reached the top rank of her company, becoming a top income earner and her success story has been featured in global direct sales media including Business for Home.

Currently, Helen is a knighted trainer and success coach helping leaders and teams gain the necessary skills to grow their businesses.

Helen serves in the International Advisory Committee, contributing towards the continuous growth of the multi-billion dollar company.

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