Do you know what a Vision Board is?

It’s a way to manifest your dream life. When you make a Vision Board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life.

The workshop begins with 2 hours of gaining clarity of what you really want to achieve in your life, your priorities, next 12 months goals and a clear action plan to each one of them. Then, you select images and words from magazines, and post them on a big poster board. Seeing this board every day aligns your brain with the outcome you most want to attract. It sounds pretty simple, right? . So why doesn’t everyone create Vision Boards? Well, most of us never make the time. We let our busy distracted lives keep us, well, busy and distracted. It’s time to change that.

Every month I host THE CREATE YOUR LIFE VISION-BOARD WORKSHOP for you ONLINE. Over the past 4 years, I have helped hundreds of people create their Vision Boards and majority have reported having experienced manifestation and achievement of their goals in less than 12 months, with some reporting breakthroughs within weeks! It is a full day immersion for you to focus on your authentic life, core clarity and ideal outcomes.

Here is what you will achieve from the workshop:

  1. Understanding the 10 Pillars for Success
  2. Clarity on what you really want out of life and what is in the way
  3. Clarity on your next 12 months priority goals and how to achieve them
  4. Develop your life purpose statement statement
  5. A Visionboard representing a picture of your dream life to effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes in the months ahead
  6. A method to clear out the natural blocks that arise and that are in the way to your success
  7. A full day to help you map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life
  8. Professional coaching and time to create your own powerful vision board