Sparkplug Bookclub is a community of people who have a desire to read books.
We meet regularly online to discuss review the book that we have chosen to read at that particular moment.
  1. The Sparkplug Book Club creates an opportunity for members to maintain a reading culture and continuous learning. The books we read are aimed at elevating all areas of our lives; from business and Career, to Relationships, Family, Finances, Health and Spirituality. Our Mission is guided by the understanding that for us to experience true success and happiness, we need to pursue wholistic success.
  2. The Sparkplug Book Club also give members a platform to build new rich relationships through shared learning.
  3. The Sparkplug Book Club also provides personal development workshops at exclusive member only prices through the Sparkplug Seminars Series. These workshops compliment the learning through reading and are catalysts to application of what we learn through reading. The idea is to create actionable processes to bring lasting change.
  4. From time to time we host Best Selling Authors or secure access to their Webinars and content to expose our members to powerful coaching to support their endeavors to achieve success.

We are currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield